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How to boost sales for a beauty business in Dublin

Updated: Jun 13

Reinvent your business with Beezi's all-in-one platform!

This article offers a view on the challenges faced by small and medium businesses in the aesthetics segment in Dublin, and at the end, we will present an innovative solution that can transform your business.

In this article you will better understand:

  • Low sales in the Aesthetics market?

  • What market research indicates

  • The impact of low sales

  • How Artificial Intelligence can help your business

Low sales in the Aesthetics market?

Are you, the owner of a small or medium business in the aesthetics segment in downtown Dublin, having difficulties standing out in such a competitive market? Do you feel that the lack of resources and adequate tools is affecting your sales? These are some of the main challenges that entrepreneurs like you are facing.


What market research indicates:

According to the 2024 report from Dublin Business School, 60% of these companies have difficulty managing their businesses due to a lack of adequate tools. In addition, a 2023 study by Market Research Dublin pointed out that sales in the aesthetics sector have been facing a steady decline over the last 5 years. This downward trend was confirmed in a 2022 survey conducted by the Irish Small Business Association, which also highlighted increasing competition as a key factor in this decline.

The impact of low sales:

Have you thought about the implications of these problems your business is facing? Can you imagine how this might affect the success of your business in the long term? The consequences of low sales for small and medium businesses in the aesthetics segment can be devastating. Business bankruptcy is a possible and often looming reality that can dramatically affect the lives of families who financially depend on the company.

Besides the financial impact, there is also the emotional impact: the dream of owning a thriving and successful business can quickly turn into a nightmare. The situation can become even more distressing when you consider that, in many cases, entrepreneurs invest their life savings in these businesses.


How Artificial Intelligence can help your business:

Recognizing this need, we at Beezi have developed an all-in-one platform that provides the necessary tools to help aesthetics businesses thrive in the market. It is important to note that the Beezi platform utilizes artificial intelligence to amplify the sales of Dublin's aesthetics businesses. Our all-in-one platform is not just a tool, but a complete solution that addresses the various facets of your business.

This includes managing your customers, scheduling appointments, marketing, sales, and much more. In addition, Beezi also uses artificial intelligence to provide valuable insights that can help boost sales and growth of your business. With Beezi, you will have access to a world of opportunities to transform your aesthetics business. No matter the size of your business or the challenges you are facing, we are here to help.

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