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Transforming the Aesthetics Market for Small and Medium Businesses in Dublin

Updated: Jun 13

Artificial Intelligence to the rescue: Increase your beauty sales with Beezi

This article explores how Beezi, a platform using Artificial Intelligence, is helping small and medium-sized beauty businesses in Dublin increase their sales and overcome market challenges.

  • Problems faced by small and medium-sized beauty companies

  • How Artificial Intelligence is solving sales problems

  • Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Aesthetics businesses

  • Introducing the Beezi platform


Problems faced by small and medium-sized beauty companies:

Owners of small and medium-sized beauty businesses in Dublin are finding it difficult to stand out in such a competitive market. The lack of adequate resources and tools is affecting the sales of these companies. According to reports, 60% of these companies have difficulty managing their businesses due to the lack of adequate tools. Additionally, studies indicate that sales in the beauty industry have faced a steady decline over the past 5 years.

The implications of these problems can be devastating in the long term. Low sales can lead to company bankruptcy, dramatically affecting the lives of families who depend financially on them. In addition to the financial impact, there is also the emotional impact: the dream of owning a successful business can quickly turn into a nightmare, especially when entrepreneurs invest their life savings in these companies.

How Artificial Intelligence is solving sales problems:

All over the world, Artificial Intelligence solutions are bringing a revolution to business. According to a 2024 McKinsey Global Institute report, companies that adopt AI are seeing a significant increase in their sales while improving the efficiency of their operations. Furthermore, the research found that companies that implemented AI saw a 6% increase in their profits compared to companies that did not implement it.

Another 2023 Boston Consulting Group study corroborates these findings. This study found that companies that made significant investments in AI saw a 14% increase in revenue compared to those that did not. Additionally, companies that have adopted AI have also reported improvements in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Therefore, adopting AI not only leads to an increase in sales but also an overall improvement in company performance.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Aesthetics businesses:

Some companies may have reservations about adopting new technologies. However, AI is a proven solution that not only boosts sales but also helps manage the business better. If you're one of those hesitant business owners, here are some common questions you might have, and how the Beezi platform can help:

  • "How can AI benefit my beauty business?"

AI can automate many manual tasks, freeing up your time to focus on other areas of your business. For example, the Beezi platform can automate appointment scheduling, making it easier to manage your calendar.

  • "Is AI difficult to use?"

The Beezi platform is designed to be easy to use. It is not necessary to have knowledge of technology to start using AI in your business.

  • "Is AI expensive?"

While AI may have an upfront cost, the return on investment can be significant. AI can help increase sales and operational efficiency, which can lead to increased profits.

  • "Is AI safe?"

The Beezi platform takes security very seriously. We implement several security measures to ensure your data is protected.

In short, the Beezi platform was designed to simplify AI adoption and improve business. By overcoming these common objections, you can start experiencing the benefits of AI in your beauty business.

Introducing the Beezi platform:

The Beezi platform is a tool designed to boost the success of small and medium-sized beauty companies, offering features that facilitate business management and promote growth in the competitive market.

  • Efficient appointment management: Beezi includes an intelligent scheduling tool that allows you to configure schedules, manage cancellations and reschedulings and send automatic reminders to customers, helping to reduce no-shows.

  • Market analysis: The platform provides resources for an in-depth understanding of the target audience, enabling the adaptation of business strategies based on this knowledge.

  • Use of Artificial Intelligence: Beezi uses AI to analyze sales data and customer feedback, identifying trends and opportunities that can be taken advantage of to increase sales, offering the services most desired by customers and implementing strategies

Ready to boost your beauty business with Artificial Intelligence?

Dive deeper into the Beezi platform with our comprehensive guide. Don't forget to subscribe to our Beezi newsletter for the latest updates and insights to help your business thrive.

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